Working with me

Hello you! I’m guessing you’re here because you know the value that investing in good PR can have for your business.
I know a thing or two about this – I’ve been applying my PR wizardry for 14 years. You’ve come to the right place.
Securing media coverage, training people to take control of media interviews and helping creatives master their own PR is my bread and butter. It gives me the same kicks now as it did at the start of my career.

If you have just started your PR journey or are considering taking your first tentative steps – this is a good place to start

First steps into PR?

For your first steps into doing your own PR.

PR Mentoring

Need a PR strategy and some support from me to deliver it?

PR Needs a jumpstart?

You’ve got a PR strategy in place but its just not landing, your pitches are falling flat and you want to get back on track?

For well established and larger brands

When your PR leans more towards being focused around reputation management, I have designed two packages for that will enhance and perfect how you handle media attention

Media Training

Designed for larger corporate organisations that want to ensure they have a media trained spokesperson confident to handle journalist interviews.

Crisis comms

For corporate organisations looking to manage their reputation in the face of a crisis.