About me

Connecting with your audience is crucial.

I know a thing or two about this having spent 14 years being the ‘voice’ of other companies.

I’ve handled PR in agencies, local government, utilities and more recently, the Maritime sector. 

Creativity is my passion and it’s what gives me my edge. I’m particularly skilled in finding and creating opportunities to generate PR and media coverage. 

I’m incredibly savvy at handling the media  having worked with national and regional broadcast and print for the entirety of career.

I can guide you through your first tentative steps with PR or to enhance your communications strategy to push the boundaries.

When I’m not nose deep in researching PR opportunities, you’ll find me pottering about my garden, pretending I have full control over my three children or ignoring the world around me lost in a book.  

My ideas and thought processes are often sparked by a brisk walk along the beach close to home in Gosport, Hampshire. If you’re local or even further afield and want to chat about what can be possible for your brand, get in touch.