It’s ten to six in the morning and my day started at 4:30 when Edison, our baby, began stirring next to me. The light in the sky is softly bright and the only sound I can hear is his hiccups. I have a cup of tea brewing and while the rest of the house sleeps, I’m finding being awake this early is surprisingly enjoyable.

I’m up so early because Edison needs a feed but I thought I’d take this opportunity to attempt at shaping a morning routine that involves him napping after his feed while I get an hour or so of work done. All before my two other children wake up with the noise of a small herd of elephants!

While I click the kettle on, I remember my mum telling me how she used to wake up early when we were young children, just so that she could have some time on her own before the madness of the day kicked off. I never really understood that, but why would I…I was responsible for one third of said madness in her day!

Waking earlier than most to begin work or to make headway on a side project, is a subject that many have written about. Some see it as a power hour of productivity – a quick internet search will tell you that some of the world’s leading businesses men and women start their days as early as 4:30am. Some of these people may even tell you that starting your day that early is the key to their success – I personally don’t buy in to that.

Adrienne Herbert has based an incredibly successful podcast around this very topic. It’s well worth a listen.

Adrienne, who lists motivational speaking among many other ‘job titles’, believes that creating routines and daily habits can be powerful in enabling you to follow your passions. An interesting concept to explore.

Others have made these early risers the audience of their business ventures. Annie Ridout is a journalist and creates hugely successful online courses. She founded the Early Hour becoming bored of trawling through uninspiring online content during early morning feeds with her daughter. Annie’s platform publishes articles for women and mothers about lifestyle and careers at 5am directly aimed at the early risers.

I’m now navigating a new normal of juggling a very small baby, a new business, a 3 year old and a 6 year old who we’re also attempting to home school. So there’s a fair bit on each of those plates spinning so high up in the air.

In an effort to keep on top of as much of this as possible, I’m going to attempt an intentional early start to become part of my daily routine and will see if it makes a difference to my productivity. If nothing else, at least I’ll get to drink a hot cup of tea while catching up on the morning news.

Oh and while writing this blog post, the eldest noisy child has burst into the room waking the baby up from the nap I managed to get him down for – this woman’s power hour has turned into a power 20 minutes – I guess I’ll have to start again tomorrow!