I’m going to make a wild assumption here, if you’re reading this and you run a service-based business, you probably do most of your self promotion on social media.

I’m going to assume that you talk a lot about your services and what each of your services or packages can do for your clients.

The truth is, unlike a product-based business, if you’re service-based, people aren’t necessarily buying into your offerings, services and packages, they’re buying into you. I’d even go as far to say that when they approach you initially about your services, they may not even know what they want or need from you, but they know that they want to work with you. Does this sound about right?

What an incredible position to be in.

So, what can a PR strategy look like when you run a service-based business?

Let’s focus on you – forget about your products or services for the time being. You are your business and people are buying into your skill set, your expertise and the way you work.

Is there something unique about the way you work? do you have any specific qualifications that make you a specialist? What sets you apart from the rest? Why do people keep coming back to you? If you don’t have this already set out on paper or in your head, get to grips with what makes you different.

As a service-based business, you should be looking to raise your profile – remember, it’s all about you. When considering which media you want to pitch to, try and make it possible for people to hear your voice, discover your personality and your way of working. Let people know who you are and what it’s like to work with you.

Think about what this may look like across a six-month period – when you know who your audience is and what media they consume, you can reach out to them. Plan it so you have a steady drum-beat of coverage and make sure you’re ready to take advantage of any PR opportunities that come your way that you haven’t planned for.

Think of your business as a book – you are the cover that attracts people to read more. Once they’ve decided to ‘read your book’ they’ll turn the pages to discover the many chapters of services and packages.

We’ve all heard the saying, Never judge a book by its cover, and because I LOVE and analogy, let me leave you by encouraging you to let people to do just that, let them judge your book by its cover, just make sure it’s not a horror!

If you’d like some help putting some ideas of strategy behind your service-based business, get in touch.