It’s been a challenging 10 weeks. More so for some than others. We’re all finding our own way to face the challenges and find our own way through.

Global health pandemic aside, everyone experiences moments of feeling ‘flat’ or lacking motivation, ideas or inspiration. To break the monotony of lockdown and spark some of that much needed inspiration, I set myself a challenge.

I wrote down a list of things that exist around me and that I feel drawn to. What do I enjoy doing? What scenarios do I find really satisfying or pleasing – think about when you may be browsing Pinterest, which photos might make you stop and save to your own board. These are the things that help to fuel your creative fire.

Here’s my list


I love the chats with my children that showcase their wild and vivid imaginations

I love seeing stacks of books or a packed-full bookcase.

I love seeing beautifully decorated homes in striking colour combinations.

I love a cup of tea with a chocolate biscuit.

I love flicking through overpriced homes and interior magazines

I love black and white photographs

I love interesting typography

I love sitting in still silence

And then I love listening to my favourite music ear burstingly loudly

I love wondering around my garden looking at all the plants we’ve been carefully growing over the years

I love breathing in the sea air


I challenge you to do the same. What does your list look like? Simply acknowledging these things and reminding yourself regularly could help inspire you to pick up a pen and start writing or get started on a project that you’ve been putting off. It’s also a good reminder of what ‘fills you up’.

Oh, and I do also love a list!