Media Training Masterclass

Being interviewed by journalists can be daunting – whether it’s your first time being interviewed by your local radio station or your 50th time being interviewed by the BBC.

Media training is essential to ensure you know how to stay in control of the interview and how to deliver your key messages effectively.

I have been working with national and regional media for 14 years. I have coached colleagues through live and pre-recorded media interviews on set, down-the-line and over the phone with Good Morning Britain, Sky News, BBC and ITV regional and national news channels and local radio stations.

By investing in a media training package with me, you will learn:

  • How to take control of the media interview
  • How to handle the really tricky questions with confidence
  • How to ensure you deliver your key messages
  • How to present yourself on TV and radio

The package includes:

  • An initial call to understand your media training needs and to talk through, in detail, the main subjects that are likely to be of media interest.
  • A series of key messages and soundbites developed around those subjects.
  • A morning session taking you through the learning outcomes listed above.
  • Following this, an afternoon session to practise your new skills, fine-tune and build your confidence so you are ready to face the media.
  • Information to take away to help you prepare for any future media interviews.

A well-delivered media interview reaching current and potential customers as well as industry peers will boost confidence in your business, strengthen your reputation and can positively impact your client base.

Investing in media training now is a strong investment in the future of your business.

Media Training Masterclass starts from £2,000