Online workshop

PR Opportunities: Where to find them and how to pitch for them

Friday 11 December at 1pm


Where are those seemingly elusive PR opportunities and how on earth do you pitch for them? let it be a mystery, no more! 
Come and take a seat at my 75 minute online workshop – ‘PR opportunities: where to find them and how to pitch for them’
This is everything you need to know about securing coverage for you or your brand. 
We will cover:
  • Where to find PR opportunities 
  • How to create your own PR opportunities 
  • How to pitch ‘cold’ 
  • How to respond when a Journalist reaches out for contributors to increase your chances at being selected
By the end of the session you will be able to:
  • Build PR opportunities into your comms plan 
  • Have confidence reaching out to journalists knowing that you’re doing it ‘properly’
  • Maximise your chances of getting media coverage
  • Feel bloomin’ good that you’ve kickstarted your PR journey so positively
Now you can pitch for PR opportunities, what will this do for your business?
Well, the reality is nothing will change overnight, PR takes time, patience and dedication to make an impact. Apply these new skills over time and you’ll start reaping the rewards. Magazines often work months in advance and a regular drumbeat of coverage for you and your business will position you as a leader in your field. It can open doors to even more exciting opportunities.

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