“The most interesting things in life happen just on the other side of your comfort zone.” – Unknown

There are many iterations of this quote floating around on the internet and I’d like to think that any version of the sentiment is true. It was with this firmly in mind that I took my giant leap away from a traditionally perceived ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ job to start my own business.

The element to my situation that makes things a little more interesting is that I’m expecting my third baby some time at the beginning of April. Strangely, finding out that we were due to be expanding our family didn’t prompt me to put the brakes on my plans to start my business. In fact, if anything, it made me even more determined to make it a success.

We are already lucky enough to have a five-year old daughter and a three-year old son so our eyes are already wide open to the challenges and delights of the new born stage. But, having a new baby while trying to establish a new business is brand new territory for me.

Setting up my own business was always a case of when not if and for years I had been convincing myself it wasn’t the right time. In recent years I began craving more flexibility with my career and so I started listening to Podcasts, reading a broader range of articles and books which started showing me that running my own business could really be a viable option.

I thought I’d share some of the resources I listened to/read that slowly gave me the confidence to make the leap.

  • The MotherPukka Flex Appeal campaign gave me the confidence to believe that a standard 9-5 wasn’t the only option
  • Emma Gannon’s book Multi-Hyphen Method and podcast Ctl Alt Delete showed me that breaking away from the traditional office job was achievable
  • Holly Tucker’s Podcast Conversations of Inspiration interviewed many well-known and highly successful business leaders sharing so much wisdom and advice about how they started and lessons they had learnt along the way.
  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic is a book that I still dip into. A book recommended by many business-minded women in particular and loaned to me by my sister-in-law who herself is a successful entrepreneur – Lauren Barber.

More importantly than anything, I had the support from my husband and my family which was vital for me taking making this big career change.

I’m hoping that by sharing this, others will see that there really is never a good time to make drastic life change but if you’ve got the right support behind you and a good work ethic, there’s a strong chance you can make it work. Hopefully that’s the case for me anyway!

Anyone else in the same position starting/running a business while going through another major life event? I’d love to hear what inspired you to make a big change in your life.