A properly trained spokesperson delivering a confident and controlled media interview can have the ability to make or break a business.

It sounds dramatic but its true.

Often, this really shows itself to be true in times of crisis.

With a real headline-worthy issue to play out in the news, the journalist doesn’t want to speak to the comms officer, they want to speak to the person in charge – the Managing Director or CEO – the person who takes ultimate responsibility and accountability for everything.

If that person is you, are you ready and confident to take on the media – often with little or no notice?

What can media training do for you?

  • Put you in control of the interview
  • Give you confidence to tackle the really tricky questions
  • Influence the direction of the interview
  • Give you a solid opportunity to deliver your key messages to large audience

If you had an opportunity to speak to the media today – could you do all these things?

If you’re in Hampshire or the surrounding areas and are interested in how you could benefit from media training, give me a call to chat it through.