I think PR sometimes gets bad reputation. It feels like there’s a great cloud of illusion over what’s involved and how you do it.

You’ll get bored of hearing me say this, but PR is all about building relationships.

PR, done properly, will manage and strengthen your brand’s reputation. So, whether you are the head honcho of an international service-based company or a one-man-band product-based start-up, you need to get all your PR ducks in a row.

How do these ducks quack? PR can take many forms.

  • Outreach – pitching for proactive PR opportunities to get you in the media that your target audience is reading
  • Responding to journalist queries in the best way to protect your brand and strengthen your messaging
  • The way you speak about yourself on a public platform – if you tell everyone on social media that you’re rubbish at your job then your damaging your own reputation!
  • The art of handling journalist interviews in a way so that you are in control of the questioning and can use the opportunity to promote your brand in a positive way

So what are you missing out on by not going for these opportunities and taking promoting your business to the next level?

Sure, businesses survive without PR, but a well thought out PR strategy will position you as a leader in your field, it will put your thoughts, opinions and key messages directly in front of your target audience. Ultimately, it can build a strong brand.

As a product-based business, you could be seeing images of your products in glossy print. As a service-based business, potential customers could be hearing your voice, listening to your stories and getting a real idea of what it’s like to be working with you.

So why does PR need to be part of your business strategy?

Because PR will tell your story, paint your picture and let people in behind the scenes and show them you and your brand. Journalists will choose to feature you or your brand because they believe in it, because your messages and brand are strong and are a good fit for their audience.

This is the important bit – PR is a marathon, it’s not a sprint. You need to invest time and patience in doing it. Building strong relationships takes time and so does good PR.